This site is in the process of being re-cycled and re-purposed.

Krystal and Channing here. Or as we prefer to be referred to as: POOKIE AND WINK. So yeah, We are currently in the process of getting our shit together... Yeah yeah- Something we know will probably be a never-ending rat race of anticipation that will ultimately probably most-likely end in a similar state of just that- attempts at shit getting togethered-ness. In the meantime, for shits a giggles and also for the very real fact that we need to pay our bills and order more Dominos Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizzas with double orders of cookie brownies, this is what we've been working on: 

"THE MOTTO" --[ ie: THE story and how we're attempting to explain ourselves to the unfortunate people whom still find themselves having to pay our way back into electricity, a heated home, some sort of weekly nutritional food source and then also have to pretend to put up with us -almost 30 year-old- invalids upon occasional public interaction as well as on all bank holidays (SOME, we're flaky too)."

"The foraged home" repurposed-purpose, "furniture to preserve your memories but you can actually use it without wanting to drop kick-it"-- to waste NOT when at all possible and to  use everything you have-like any little thing you possibly can and totally forget about what you have not because 0$ won't help you build a fance to keep your dogs from running free and pissing on the neighbors door mat—

Really We’re not sure what to call our 'business' and let's face it, the idea of business so close in proximity to either one of our names is laughable alone. We are two very cynical human beings and we're closet Romantics that scoof at the “Happy Happy Joy Joy Hippy Dippy Bullshit.”  The reality is, we kind of fit that bill and probably wrote it too. We’re two girls in love. We hav two dogs that we claim as our children. We're bartenders, we build furniture, do yard work, take out the trash, try to remember recycling day and loudly judge anyone who also forget to recycle.  We walk all the time because it's good for us, the environment and also we don't have a vehicle nd can't always steal Krystal's mom's car. we avoid responsibiility any way we can and most of the time it's because we dream up ways to make improve our little life and the lives of those around us... We're idea's people- we have many, and we are actually in the infant beginning stages of bringing most into actuality. Some of our talking points: ways for everyone to recycle, walk around the town without having to dodge traffic or be a rumored "walk of shamer', have healthy hobbies, potential dog parks, saving more puppies, living in a world of trade and no money, if our life we're on reality tv— and yeah we even change light-bulbs too sometimes-after weeks of bitching about it— still though, barf. 

Anyway— we are avid ramblers so here’s a little cut to the chase- one chase, anyway. 

We want your money and we’re trying to sell you some of our furniture. 

There you have it, yet another business in Natchez trying just trying to sell you some old furniture. We share with you in hopes that you think it is as cool as we do and with our furniture- your money- and a whole lot of time (alone we’re slow as pond water- together we’re even slower because we like to watch the sunset) we hope to turn this start-up of a business into our pay of paying it forward. We have a lot we need to pay-forward and we really do have a lot we want to do to create at least small positive influence with our time on this Earth thing. 

The first step(s): 

Furniture sold= rent paid.

 Why you should look at our old furniture as well as every other places old furniture. It was all once a piece of shit. Literally we’re acquired a bunch of people’s used-to be headaches, stubbed toes, creaky doors, cracked windows, wobbly tables and made it into something that- we think gives it a realistic purpose again in today’s world… which we’re told is currently 2019 but we’ll believe you if you if you tell us otherwise.  THE FURNITURE:

it’s hand-REcrafted, REcylced, RE-fit/juvinated/lifed/hyped/built/storied/washed/fabreezed/ gifted/thrifted and RE-purposed to serve- well, a NEW purpose.  Depending on the piece, the plank of wood, screw, paint chip, rock, stick, or even sometimes leaf it has a story. Some old flood wood from a plantation that after 3 hurricanes no longer stands, the legs off of a broken bar stool after thrown in a bar-fight from an old-new-old-new local juke-joint, the screen door that once welcomed my dad (Channing’s pops) home from school— and his mom when she was his age and her mom before her, a window pane from a grocery store that closed down 30 years ago from a fire (at least that’s what we’re told…).  All of our furniture is pieced together by our own two (four?) hands, and we have the blood, sweat, tears, hospital bills, slight twitch and limp to prove it! 

OUR GOAL.  to be able to live our life. Free, together, with our pups, preferably with a roof over our head and food in our bellies (especially the pups—they eat a lot).  We are Krystal and Channing, and in order to explain our ‘business’ with you, we think it best to first explain us. We’re ramblers, talk too mucher-s and smart-assed know it all's in our own very different and specific right. and at the eye rolls we already feel beginning to happen from anyone that has had the unfortunate luck of getting caught in a room with us for any length of time short or long.  



"IF You're Not at Round Table, you ARE Round Table"


Height:***  Width: *** Depth: *** Weight:***

Price: ***$$$***

Shipping: ***$$$***

Deets: Just some old flood wood from a plantation that's geographical history alone comes with layers upon layer of he said she said, 4-12 hurricanes and/ or tornados/floods/fires, turned old Smoot's Grocery wood (think gossip, blues and booze)  and the legs off a broken bar-stool from the very same Ol'juke joint--but before that the Missippi Queen herself (**KRYSTAL CHECK NAME OF BOAT), so add gambling on top of that. 

This is our story and we're sticking to it. Until we make a better one obviously.